The in house Design Team uses the Premium and Professional Solidworks software which boasts FEA (Finite Element Analysis) allowing us to predict how a product reacts to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow and other physical effects which results in a product which is both lighter and stronger. This is supported by our CNC equipment which you can read about in the Equipment Section.


We are fortunate not to have to rely on any third parties to achieve our builds. Our extensive range of machinery, including our latest addition with is a 8.5 metre Plasma Cutter is all housed on site meaning we have no-one else to blame!

From completing the initial design or stability calculations on our specialist 3D software, to cutting the steel, fitting the components, shot blasting or applying the final coat of paint, it is all done here at our site in Cheadle. We welcome old and new customers to our site where we can show you around our facilities and introduce you to the team. Here’s a snapshot of some of our equipment:

Esprit Lightning HD XPR300

The most recent addition to our CAM equipment is our Esprit Lightning HD XPR300 plasma cutter.

Our new XPR300 plasma system represents the most significant advance in mechanised plasma cutting technology. With unparalleled cut qualities on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium using next generation X-Definition cutting technologies.

This piece of equipment gives us the most manufacturing independence. Our plasma cutter is our most used machine as it allows us to cut bespoke profiles for any type of build. Coupled with our press brakes we can quickly manufacture all of the components needed for our subframes and bodies, just ready to be assembled.

The XPR300 offers the following cutting capacity

  • Virtually dross free mild steel cutting from 0.7mm up to 50mm
  • True Hole Technology for mild steel from 3mm to 25mm thick and diameters from 0.75 to 2.5 times material thickness
  • Stainless Steel production pierce 38mm.
  • Aluminium production pierce 38mm
  • 8500mm x 2500mm cutting bed
  • Marking for fold lines, position points and text.
  • A raised gantry allowing us to cut large box section RSJ and channel to a maximum height of 250mm

Press Brakes

TMC Ltd have two press brakes which give us bending capabilities across the board

Amada Promecam APX 1253

Our Amada press brake is a CNC machine, which means we can cut down on the time involved in adjusting the positions of tooling and we can program bend sequences to produce parts with multiple bend angles quickly

This press brake also has the following spec:

  • Press capacity: 1250 kN
  • Press beam length: 3000mm
  • Open height: 370mm
  • 9mm/s bending speed
  • Return speed of 85mm/s
  • Length: 3480mm
  • Width: 2390mm
  • Height: 2300mm
  • Weight: 7100kg
  • 8 access

Bronx 25028010/H

When more power is needed to bend longer and thicker components, this machine steps in.

Our Bronx press brake is a much larger and basic machine. This press is rated at “long” tons, which allows us to bend 12ft x 3/8 inches

Doosan Puma 5100 LMB

We are equipped with a range of manual lathes and milling machines, operated by our extremely skilled and experienced machinist, which give us a lot of machining versatility. However, we have recently expanded on these with the arrival of our new Doosan Puma 5100LMB. This is a top of the range machine centre, which comes with a comprehensive training package in both operating and programming of the machine. With this training added to our design team capabilities, this machine allows us to manufacture complex parts in minutes, rather than hours or days.

The Doosan comes equipped with a “Y” access to allow for more machining angles, meaning that we have minimal limitations on the complexity of the products we can produce on site. Having the full checklist of extras on this machine means that we don’t need to outsource any machining work, so we have as much control as possible over the lead times of any machined components that we would need on any given job.


  • Max turning Ø and length = Ø 650mm x 2050mm
  • With Milling capacity
  • 1500rpm
  • 165mm bar capacity (through head stock)
  • 21inch chuck
  • 45kW spindle motor
  • Y access
  • Spindle cooling system
  • 3D simulation

This machine arrived with us earlier this year, and we can now take the next step forward in machining and improving our services to all of our existing and future customers.

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